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If you have asked yourself those same
questions, you're not alone. Due to online
dating on the rise and email communication
more frequent than ever, it can be very easy
to hide your identity from another person.
But, there are usually clues left behind that
let you know something isn't right or the
person is hiding something from you. If you
find yourself wondering if the person you're
with is married, divorced, or has children
you owe it to yourself to get the answers
before it goes too far.

The easiest way to find out for sure is to do an online background search. You will have access to all types of information on that person including marriage/divorce records, all current and past addresses, property records, number of children, public records, employment history, any bankruptcies or liens, criminal history, and more.*
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Married? Divorced? Children?
Discretely Find Out About
Anyone's Past!
Marriage Date
  (bride & groom's name)
Divorce Records & Date
Age/Date of Birth
Current Address

Employment History
Number of children
   (name & date of birth)
Background search results can include:
Bankruptcies, Liens
Previous Addresses
Property Records
Background Check
Public Records
Criminal History
Child Support
  (Warrants/Back Payments)
Find Out If The Person Your Dating Is Keeping Secrets From You!

7 Warning Signs He or She Could Be Married.

Secretive about where
he/she lives.

Always in control of the contact between you two.

Gives vague answers about his/her life.

Can only meet around
his/her schedule or at the last minute.

Doesn't want to be seen in public with you.

Refuses to give you a home phone number.

Gives a friend's house for their address instead of  their own address.

Complete Background
Checks Available!
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*Note: VerifyDivorceRecords.com provides public records for present and past U.S. Citizens. We get our information from a U.S. data feed source.
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Guys! Discover The 10 Signs Your Woman Could Be Cheating On You.
Could He Be Married?

Does She Have Children?

Is She Keeping Secrets From Me?

Should I Move in with Him?

Do I Really Know Him/Her?

Is He Hiding Something
from Our Relationship?

What's Stopping Him from making a Commitment?
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Begin Your Search For FREE!
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Is there something suspicious about you're partner's past.

Have you ever wondered if the person you're dating is married, divorced, or has children,
but hasn't told you?

Can you totally trust the person you're dating or is he or she hiding something from you?
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Is The Person Your
Dating Cheating

Have you asked yourself, "Is my boyfriend married?" If you have, then you need some help in figuring out if your suspicions are true.
Don't doubt your reasons for wondering if the guy you're dating is married. There must be a good reason you're even asking yourself that question.

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